Individual Sales Tool Presentations

The individual presentations, including their accompanying sales tools are the most requested materials derived from “Cracking the Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales.”

Each sales tool presentation includes a video lecture, a pdf of the lecture, a Word document of the sales tool for you to modify and a (optional) 30-minute or 1-hour consultation with Ed.

After watching the lecture of your choice, a recommended one-on-one consultation will make sure you understand every facet of the
contents. This includes how to use your sales tool it to the fullest extent, understanding the psychology behind its effectiveness, as well as answering your questions.


“In our tests with 12 bakers in 12 markets with 650 brides, they chose the bakers who used an “Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince” method by 4 to 1.

Take a simple test to see how you measure up.

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Bundled Sales Training Presentations

The packaged sales presentations, including their accompanying tools, are 5 individual sales training lectures bundled together.

With this bundled package, you’ll receive an optional 2-hour consultation with Ed.

The optional consultation is a perfect way to take all the sales tools and have Ed personally help you with their implementation.


Advanced Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory

Ed’s “Advanced Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory” keeps you on top of the latest cutting-edge concepts and advanced strategies for getting brides to choose you and outwit your competition.

Each month Ed covers an interesting research topic which is unique and thought-provoking. He discusses how you can use the results and couple them with a psychological principle. Then, apply them to your bride’s experience to increase your sales and prices.

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Write Your Own Wedding Cake Book

I want you to see yourself as a bride undecided between choosing you and another skilled cake artist.

Both of you have excellent decorating skills. Both of you have cakes that taste divine. Both of you have similar pricing.

So, as a bride, how do you decide?

See how letting your brides know you’re an expert is a game-changer.


Analyze Your Sales System (Get your X-ray today)

Are you 100% certain your current sales system, including your brochures, sales pitches, consultations, phone scripts, and other tactics are persuading brides to choose you?

Allow Ed to give your entire sales system an X-ray. Like a brain surgeon, he’ll dissect every area of your sales and then point-out what needs to be worked on.

Ed will recommend which tactics and tools will help your sales the most, just to make sure you’re making all the money you should.

Everything is easily handled on the phone, through email and regular US postage.

His service is guaranteed to produce an improvement. So, why take any chances?

Get Your Sales X-ray Now!

Normally: $997 For a limited time: $697

Consider taking an X-ray of your sales system in combination with your marketing system (The complete
package) to maximize your overall effectiveness and investment.

Normally: $1,497 For a limited time: $897

You also have the option of inviting Ed to your business to perform a hands-on analysis. Call 402-968-2758 to choose a date.