“In our tests with 12 bakers in 12 markets with 650 brides, they chose the bakers who used our “Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince” sales approach by 4 to 1.

Before checking to see how you measure-up, let’s briefly go over our exclusive “Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince” method.

This is critically important to understand, because using our “Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince sales approach is a complete paradigm shift from how 90% of bakers sell wedding cakes. (Now, that’s an opportunity!)

Through research, we discovered, virtually all bakers sell wedding cakes by a methodology called “Look, Taste, Price and Pray” or LTPP for short.

“Saying you use fresh ingredients, you learned to make cakes from your grandmother or you have been baking for 14 years are the same irrelevant things everyone says.”

Here’s how the LTPP method works:

  • First, brides “look” at your cakes to see if you are talented,
  • Second, brides then “taste” your cakes to be sure they are delicious.
  • Third, you give them a “price” for the cake they want,
  • And fourth, you “pray”(or hope) they order from you.

After being able to recognize this common practice, we were then able to compare it to what 150,000 brides actually told us they would like bakers to do for them.

After 5 years of testing, it’s been proven, 75% of brides prefer our method called “ESTC.” It stands for Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince.

  • The findings revealed, most brides want to be “Educated,” with both the ordering and decision making process for choosing a baker as the first component toward purchasing a wedding cake.
  • In the second component, we discovered brides see themselves as being very special, in fact as special as a celebrity. So, like a celebrity, they want to be “Served.” Helping them is not good enough anymore.
  • In the third component, “Tasting” is the one facet which remained the same as the LTPP approach. Brides made it clear, a great tasting cake is very important.
  • The fourth and final component is “Convince.” Brides want to be convinced WHY they should choose you over your competitors.

To illustrate how frustrated some brides are, here’s a direct quote from a bride who happens to work for an advertising agency. “Saying you use fresh ingredients, you learned to make cakes from your grandmother or you have been baking for 14 years are the same irrelevant things everyone says.”

…it’s difficult to determine who is any better, worse of different than anyone else.

Further she said, “Don’t get me wrong, most wedding cake bakers are artistic and have great tasting cakes. The problem is, aside from their cakes being artistic and tasty, it’s difficult to determine who is any better, worse of different than anyone else.

Her frustration is a perfect example of why brides are choosing bakers using an ESTC baker and using our sales methodology over the standard LTTP approach by a 4 to 1 margin.

Bakers who use our proven ESTC sales approach, distinguish themselves from their competitors
by using convincing pieces of evidence for HOW they are different and the reasons
WHY brides should choose them…beyond artistry and taste.

From conducting surveys with bakers around the country, many of them tend to believe they are already using a similar methodology to ours. However, if you recall, our research findings clearly demonstrated over 90% of bakers are mistaken.

To be sure you’re not mistaken, we’ve devised a simple test.

By reviewing only 8 sales tools and tactics, you’ll be able to determine whether, in fact, you are using an identical “Educate, Serve, Taste, and Convince” sales method to ours that delivers a 4 to 1 advantage, or a Look, Taste, Price and Pray” method.

Alright, let’s see how you score!

If you’re using the same ESTC sales methodology that our research has uncovered, you’re
utilizing between 6 of the 8 tactics and sales tools listed below.

I give my brides a (ours is called “You’ll Love Your Wedding Cake”) written guarantee

I give away a guide (ours is called “33 Bakery Buster Questions”) that lets brides compare
bakeries―apples-to-apples―including mine.

I use an aid to establish my prices as fair and reasonable, even though I am able to

I incorporate 11 proven psychological principles in everything I do and say to convince brides I
am their obvious choice. (Which psychological principles do you use?)

I use a well thought out “serving” philosophy in place of simply “helping” brides

My website is structured to draw brides like bees-to-honey

I have a high-limit liability policy to protect my brides and their guests

I am an author of a wedding cake advice book or giveaway a 3rd party advice book

Well, how did you do?    Are you using most of them?     How about just…1?

If you found yourself falling a little short, you’re not alone. Remember, over 90% of bakers are still using the “LTPP” sales approach. Further, our research revealed bakers who use a “LTPP” approach, rarely use sales tools or advanced tactics, like the ones listed above.

Now, just imagine YOU began using all those powerful ESTC tools and tactics to demonstrate your skill, honesty, authority and 10 other influential traits? Who do you think brides will choose? Who do you think brides would be willing to pay a higher price?

Let me tell you from experience…it’s not even a contest.

To review Ed’s personal X-Factor ESTC training, which includes all the amazing sales tools, strategies and tactics listed above (and about a hundred more) click on the link below. It will take you directly to the “Cracking the Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales” overview page.