Cracking The “Secret Code” That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales (This is must-have training)

Research with 350,000 brides has provided a treasure chest full of concepts to command 50% higher profits, 20%-30% higher prices, book more appointments, and (if you would like) boost your number of orders by 300%

This revolutionary training is your “KEY” to opening the lock!

New research findings have proven, Millennial brides choose bakers who use
an “Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince” sales approach by a 5 to 1 margin.

To put it another way, when you use the breakthrough “ESTC” method, you’ll gain a 500% advantage over bakers who don’t.

Owners and cake artists alike are saying this discovery is literally a paradigm shift for selling wedding cakes.

For a limited time, you have the chance to use these research findings, in place of guessing or shooting from-the-hip, to vastly improve selling wedding cakes to “Millennial” and future “Gen Z” brides.

Consider this; Is it possible for you to talk with your brides with a rotary desktop phone? Sure. On the other hand, does it make more sense and offer advantages to use a “Smart Cell Phone” to talk with your brides, plus access email, Facebook, Instagram, your website, customer information and utilize many other apps on your phone to conduct business?

Yeah, using ESTC and the cutting-edge sales tools and all the methods in this training is a lot like that. Your advantage will be just as enormous and dominating. In fact, ESTC is not just a better mousetrap, it’s been proven to be super-successful for the 12 bakers who’ve tested and perfected it over each of the past 5 years.

Let’s take a quick look at how my team and I perfected ESTC to be the “Crown Jewel” that turns your sales on its head and gives you the ability to charge prices reflective of a precious gem.

  • Twelve prominent bakers were given a 3-day workshop with the exact training you’re about to review. They consisted of home bakers, cake boutique owners, retail bakery owners and grocery store bakery managers from around the country. Afterwards, they all stated the ESTC based approach was superior to any of their methods.
  • Then, to prove the validity that the majority of brides were choosing a baker using an ESTC approach, we ran tests with those same 12 bakers in their 12 respective markets. The tests were conducted with 650 brides in 2015 and 2016. Even back then, brides overwhelmingly chose those bakers by 4 to 1 margin.
  • To finish our research, we continued to tweak and test throughout 2018-2019 with an additional 1836 brides. I can now say with 100% certainty; Millennial brides are overwhelmingly choosing bakers who utilize an “ESTC” sales method. In fact, in mid 2019, the margin grew to 5 to 1.

Please, take your time to review the perfected training our test group of
bakers used to gain a current 5 to 1 advantage with Millennial brides.
You’ll quickly understand how and why you will too.

SPECIAL NOTATION: You don’t need to radically change what you’re doing to improve your results. You’ll be able to pick and choose tactics and sales tools from the training and couple them with what’s already working for you.

If you’re new to selling wedding cakes, I’d recommend using everything included in our system from A to Z.

The ESTC training is divided into 9 sections. Each section represents a tier of wedding cake.

Tier-1 consists of: 7 foundational cakes and the Quick-Start Guide Overview

These 7 cakes represent the foundation for all the tiers of strategies, tactics and tools to build upon. In addition, you’re receiving 3 more presentations along with accompanying PDF’s to make an immediate impact on your sales.

You’ll Begin with a Video Introduction to Your Course

I will give you a personal introduction to the creation of this training program, how your investment in this course will pay future dividends for wedding cake bakers everywhere, and how to extract the most from the training.


  • Video 1.0 :

    Quick-Start Overview

    The Quick-Start Overview reveals the proprietary training that’s immediately going to add more orders and increased profits, plus how to take advantage of your 3 one-on-one 30 minute coaching calls

    It’s been proven when coaching is included with training, a person is 5 times more likely to remember and utilize the materials to improve their skillsets and meet their objectives.

    I will personally answer questions, help implement strategies, tools and provide any other advice. Let me emphasize, this is not group coaching, it’s not from one of my staff…it’s one-on-one with me.

  • Video 1.1 :

    Brilliant Philosophies of Highly Successful Wedding Cake Masters

    You’ll discover 5 philosophies super-successful wedding cake artist’s exhibit and the critical distinction between simply “helping” vs. genuinely “serving” brides.

  • Video 1.2 :

    12 Proven Psychological Principles for Encouraging Brides to Choose You

    We’ll review 12 psychological principles which impart a tremendous amount of influence for getting brides to say “Yes.” Understanding and using these principles is the difference between a baker who knows a little about selling wedding cakes and a baker who has advanced skills and the ability to take their sales and prices to the next level.

  • Video 1.3 :

    The Insecurity Gap: An Unseen Wall Between You and Your Brides

    Uncover the #1 reason a certain number of brides are reluctant to buy from you and how you can overcome it.

  • Video 1.4 :

    Friction: What it is and why it’s Vitally Important You Know How to Deal with it.

    Find out how to eliminate any dangerous static in your communication efforts with your brides. Your messaging should appeal to the hearts of your bride’s, instead of causing possible confusion and distrust. Our research has shown many bakers fail miserably at recognizing friction. Now, you can be sure you won’t be one of them.

  • Video 1.5 :

    Are You Aware There are Two Faces to Your Business?

    One side of your business face is the one you see. Then, there’s a side of your business face you may not leads, sales and profits, you better master this concept. In this presentation, I’m going to show you how to make both sides of your business face appear perfect.

  • Video 1.6 :

    How to Create the World’s Greatest Internal Reality

    To be super successful, you need to begin with the mindset of becoming the “World’s Greatest.” When you do, you’ll create an atmosphere so special, your brides wouldn’t dare think of using anyone else. To accomplish this goal, I’ll share 68 “Credibility Boosters” to place you on a path toward greatness just in case you need a little help.

  • Video 1.7 :

    The Bride’s Wedding Cake Buying Decision Matrix

    I’ve formulated a graph that pinpoints all the steps which go through a bride’s mind before they decide to hire someone. When you follow this matrix, your marketing will be doing everything to make sure it’s you. (This presentation is repeated as video 5.13)

The Following 4 Presentations Include Word Editable Documents

  • Video 1.8 :

    33 Bakery Buster Questions

    (This Persuasive Sales Tool Will Generate an Instant Impact for Your Sales) This is a powerful sales tool which has 33 questions your competitors hope and pray brides won’t ask. On the other hand, your answers will make you look like a shining-star. If you’re not going to write your own wedding cake book, this is the next best thing.(This presentation is repeated as video 3.10)

    You’re able to customize the ready-to-use Word “33 Bakery Buster Questions,” booklet
    so, it’s personal and suits your needs.)

  • Video 1.9 :

    How to Impress and Influence Your Bride the First Time She Calls

    (This Persuasive Sales Tool Will Generate an Instant Impact for Your Sales) I’ll share two motivating phone scripts specifically for the first time a bride calls. They’ve been crafted to provide brides with the confidence you’re better and different than anyone else they’ve contacted. The bottom line is, it makes brides instantly eager to book a consultation. In addition, it makes them look forward to their consultation. (This presentation is repeated as video 5.2)

    (You’re able to customize the ready-to-use Word document, so it’s personal and suits your needs.)

  • Video 1.10 :

    You’ll Love Your Wedding Cake Guarantee

    (This Persuasive Sales Tool Will Generate an Instant Impact for Your Sales)This is the same guarantee that made national news by offering a $10,000 wedding cake guarantee (Don’t worry you can make it any dollar amount and it will still work perfectly.) It’s extremely effective for getting brides to choose you. Plus, after you understand how to use it, you’ll wish you had it years ago. (This presentation is repeated as video 3.19)

    (You’re able to customize the ready-to-use guarantee, so it’s personal and suits your needs.)

The second tier consists of: Getting to Know Your Competition

  • Video 2.1 :

    Cashing-in on Classified Competitive Intelligence

    While the course provides dominant knowledge and tools to outmuscle your competition, it makes good business sense to know what your competitors are up to. You’ll receive my private template full of pointed questions to discover which competitors don’t come close to your superiority. And, it helps you know which competitors might be closing in on you. When you couple your competitive intelligence with the innovations and breakthroughs in my newsletter, we’ll keep you on top.

    (A ready-to-use editable Word version of the template is included.)

The third tier consists of: Building Your Evidence: Creating the World’s Best External Perception.

  • Video 3.1 :

    Positioning Associations and Awards for Maximum Effectiveness

    We’ll nail-down the correct ways for using associations and awards, so your brides view you as an expert, authority, and a person they should choose.

  • Video 3.2 :

    A Guide for Mastering Impressive Testimonials and Endorsements.

    To make you look like a shining star, I’ll show you how to extract extraordinary testimonials and endorsements that are powerful and meaningful.

  • Video 3.3 :

    Making Your Credentials Standout and Count

    You’ll be shown how to use your education, decorating classes, designations and other qualifications to illuminate your skills and talents…instead of possibly rubbing your bride the wrong way by sounding conceited.

  • Video 3.4 :

    7 Potent Ways to Take Advantage of Your Wedding Cake Photos

    We’ll explore successful ways to increase sales using your wedding cake photos and the psychology behind the techniques.

  • Video 3.5 :

    Getting Noticed: How to Write Blockbuster Press Releases

    I’ll share a guide for achieving expert recognition in the press by using press releases while explaining how to use them as powerful marketing tools.

  • Video 3.6 :

    A Priceless Presentation Folder

    Very few bakers use a presentation folder. Lucky for you. According to psychologists it creates an “Anchor” in your bride’s mind. That anchor fosters a bond between you and your brides over competitors who don’t use a presentation folder. In this presentation we’ll delve into its use and into the incredible leverage it offers you.

  • Video 3.7 :

    Creating Phenomenal FAQs

    We’ll review the research that uncovered the unbelievable statistics for how your competitors are using FAQ’s. Then, we’ll discuss how you should be using them to separate yourself from competitors.

  • Video 3.8 :

    Making Your Website a Mesmerizing Bride-Magnet

    I’ll be sharing the 14 primo ingredients which attracts and then converts shopping brides into buying brides. This is “the” exact proprietary and proven website model which has taken me from 6 to 18 wedding cakes (most of them at higher prices) per week. The original concept was drawn-up by a mastermind group of 9 multimillion-dollar Internet marketing geniuses. This model has never been revealed before now. Take advantage
    of it while you can.

  • Video 3.9 :

    You’ll Love Your Wedding Cake Guarantee

    (This is one of those must-have sales tools. It’s also, in the quick-start guide.)In essence, the guarantee acts as an insurance policy for both you and your bride by addressing your bride’s main concerns and making you look like a compassionate hero. All the components (hot-buttons) of the guarantee were derived from our research results. There is no guess-work for how and why it works. You’ll receive a full
    explanation for how to use it. Plus, without the worry of giving refunds. It’s perfect for closing all brides, especially high-end brides and brides on the fence.

    (Word editable template included.)

  • Video 3.10 :

    33 Bakery-Buster Questions (Also in the quick-start guide.

    (This is the coup de grace of wedding cake sales tools.)If you’ve ever wondered how to thoroughly separate yourself from your competitors by proving how you are better than your competitors, this is the knock-out punch sales tool of all-time. It’s a 22-page booklet you give to your brides that highlights your strengths, credibility, trustworthiness, and talents. When your bride compares you to your competitors, it will like comparing Saks Fifth Ave to Target.

    (Word editable template included)

The fourth tier consists of: Crucial Lessons From: “The Ultimate Bride’s Guide for Buying A Wedding Cake”

  • Video 4.1 :

    The Vital Importance of the Preface and Introduction

    You’ll be floored when your find out how most bakers are not interested in being better than “good enough.” A perfect example is the number of bakers who won’t take thisrevolutionary training. Research has shown 17 out of 20 won’t. That leaves you with an opportunity larger than the Grand Canyon. If you’re wondering why only 3 in 20? Two reasons: First, many bakers think what they’re doing is working fine, so why do anything new or different. Second, is “indifference.” Funny thing is, these same bakers regularly watch online videos to learn new decorating techniques, but don’t do the same for improving their marketing or sales skills. Intelligent bakers like you, recognize that if you’re great at cake decorating, doesn’t make sense to have great sales skills to beef-up your cake prices and what lands up in your bank account?

  • Video 4.2 :

    Clarifying Your All-Important Qualifications

    Do you think your qualifications are enough to take your business to the next level? Even if you don’t have great credentials, I’m going to show you how to take basic qualities and make them look impressive.

  • Video 4.3 :

    How to Grade Yourself…and Your Competitors

    We’ll go over a straight-forward formula for grading yourself and grading your competitors from “Second-rate to Awesome-Great” uncovered by our research. By just using photos, you’ll gain an understanding for how brides view your expertise and skill.

  • Video 4.4 :

    Emotional Intensity: Determine What She’s Willing to Spend

    I’m going to share an emotional intensity gauge to help you figure out how much your bride is willing to spend according to how psychologically important a wedding cake is to her.

  • Video 4.5 :

    Personality Profile: A Psychological Tool that Predicts the Design She’ll Choose

    You’ll do a better job of serving your bride by knowing which personality type she is. This presentation lends a helping hand to identify which type of design she’s likely to choose based on her personality profile. This is some pretty cool stuff.

  • Video 4.6 :

    The Picasso Syndrome: How it Impacts You Through the Lens of the Mind

    The “Picasso Syndrome” is a reality check of your skill level. Using Picasso as an example, we’ll paint a philosophical discussion about how a bride can view your cake as a masterpiece or a child’s art project. It’s imperative to understand how a bride mentally judges your skill level against what you believe it is.

  • Video 4.7 :

    The Full-Disclosure Worksheet: Proving to Brides You’re Reasonable and Fair

    This presentation will discuss how to use a sales tool called the “Full-Disclosure Worksheet” sales tool. It is used to overcome a bride’s “Your Price is High” anxiety by establishing your prices are actually fair and reasonable It’s indispensable to quickly gain a bride’s trust by squelching her fear you’re ripping-her-off.

    (Word editable template included.)

  • Video 4.8 :

    29 Statistics We Track and Revise Every Edition

    You’ll obtain surprising facts and statistics in 29 categories we track and publish in the Ultimate Bride’s Guide to Buying a Wedding Cake” to keep you on the leading- edge and forefront of your sales and marketing journey.

  • Video 4.9 :

    The Psychological Impact on Your Bride When You Become an Author

    When you go all out to convince a bride you’re trustworthy, the more likely you’ll win her order. Nothing says expert and trust like being an author. I’ll explain what you need to do to write your own wedding cake book, or how you can partner with me to become a co-author overnight.

The fifth tier consists of: Sales tools.

  • Video 5.1 :

    Copywriting That Grabs Your Brides’ Attention

    Discover what “power words” are (I’ve included my personal list of 16 pages) and how to use them in your copy. Also, you’ll receive 50 ready-to-use headlines, so you can grab the attention of your brides in ads, on your website or any other marketing materials.

    (16 pages of Word editable “Power-Words” and a separate list of 50 headlines.)

  • Video 5.2 :

    How to Impress and Influence Your Bride the First Time She Calls (The First Bride’s dialogue)

    I’ll share a couple of masterful phone scripts specifically for the first time a bride calls. They’ve been written to provide brides with the confidence you’re better and different than anyone else they’ve contacted. The bottom line is, it makes them eager to book a consultation with you. In addition, it makes them look forward to their consultation.

    (You’re able to customize the ready-to-use Word document, so it’s personal and suits your needs.)

  • Video 5.3 :

    Captivating On-hold Messages

    In this presentation we’ll look at the objectives for what your on-hold messages must say, so brides are immediately impressed with who you are and to set you apart from your competitors.

  • Video 5.4 :

    Gripping Personal Greeting Messages

    We’ll go over 10 ready-made dynamic messages to create heightened confidence in you and your abilities. Yes, they are ready to immediately record on your phone.

  • Video 5.5 :

    How to Craft the Perfect 30 Second Elevator Pitch

    I’ll share with you how to develop a meaningful elevator pitch that lets brides know who you are inside and what makes you unique. Having a spellbinding elevator pitch is an absolute must if you want to rack-up sales in bridal shows or networking events.

  • Video 5.6 :

    A Pre-Appointment Questionnaire on a Mission

    Using a pre-appointment questionnaire will result in a more productive and caring consultation. We’ll look at a proven format and the questions you’ll want to ask.

  • Video 5.7 :

    Using Educational Emails Prior to the Consultation

    Before you ever meet with your brides, this simple tactic affords you the opportunity to pre-sell yourself and your services. We’ll discuss 3 specific emails I send, that you can also use to understand the concept and then implement.

  • Video 5.8 :

    How to Use a Discussion Brief to Show You Care More Than Your Competitors

    We’re going to take a closing technique called the “Summary Close” and turn it on its head to demonstrate you care more about your brides than anyone else they’ll visit.

  • Video 5.9 :

    Implementing Shrewd Special Offers

    Have you ever used a “shrewd special offer?” It is an ingenious technique to get brides off the fence to say…YES! I’ll show you how to capitalize from them.

  • Video 5.10 :

    Boost Your Sales by Adding Compelling Bonuses

    We’ll go over tried-and-true bonuses to close brides when you need to increase sales, especially in slow or winter months.

  • Video 5.11 :

    Applying Video: It’s a Domination Tool

    I’ll explain why video is one of the top psychological marketing tools and how to employ it effectively to persuade even more brides to choose you.

  • Video 5.12 :

    The Bride’s Wedding Cake Buying Decision Matrix

    Contained within a simple graph, you’ll discover all the steps which go through a bride’s mind before she decides to hire someone. With this tool, you can now make sure it’s you. (Included in tier 1.)

  • Video 5.13 :

    The Ad Reliability Evaluator (AD-ffective)

    Take the guesswork out of designing a winning ad. This brilliant tool provides a proven formula to insure your ad performs as it should instead of wasting your money

    (Template included)

The sixth tier consists of: The Wedding Cake Business Master Hierarchy

  • Video 6.1 :

    The Wedding Cake Business Master Hierarchy (A Very Special Bonus)

    SNEAK PEAK: In this video you’ll be given a preview of a business success operating plan I purchased 15 years for a price of $37,500.

    Over those 15 years, it’s been modified, tested and proven to work incredibly well in the wedding cake industry. I’ve renamed it, “The Wedding Cake Business Master Hierarchy.

    Here’s what makes it unique: In a hierarchal order it lists the most important business and marketing functions you need to implement in your business. When you follow this specific order, it will either improve your business, turn around a failing wedding cake business, or it becomes a master blueprint for starting and operating an uber successful wedding cake boutique.

    If that’s not enough, there’s another amazing side benefit. This “Success Hierarchy” works equally well whether you own a cake boutique, retail bakery or home bakery selling all types of baked goods.

    As you’re reading this, I’m meticulously writing a one-of-a-kind course to thoroughly reveal and explain the “Master Hierarchy” and how to use it to stand on the mountain top of success and financial prosperity for your family.

    By the way, this is the same “Master Hierarchy which has grown my business and kept my family cake business flourishing to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Let it do the same for you.

The seventh tier consists of: Strategies and Tactics

  • Video 7.1 :

    Sound Strategies for Selling High, Low, and Medium-Priced Wedding Cakes

    Whether you are selling high, low, medium-priced wedding cakes or all the above, you need to have a clearly defined strategy. In this presentation, we’ll look at proven strategies which are ready for your use today…yes, immediately.

  • Video 7.2 :

    Continuous Updated Facts, Trends and Cutting-Edge Ideas

    We’ll analyze what you can expect from my monthly “Advanced Wedding Cake Strategies and Statistics” letter via email. Plus, you’ll learn how to incorporate the knowledge into your overall marketing plan. The letter will keep you current with the proprietary research I’m conducting and provide additional cutting-edge ideas for getting higher prices and helping you sell more wedding cakes.

The eight tier consists of: The Prosperity Triangle.

  • Video 8.1 :

    The Prosperity Pyramid

    I’ll reveal a goal-setting aid made up of 3 vital building blocks to reach an apex for…higher prices and profits. This is simple, but highly effective visual advice.

The ninth tier The Master Sales Blueprint: Putting it all together in a WINNING system.

Lead Gathering-List building
  • Video 9.1 :

    How to Fix Advertising That Wastes Your Money

    We’ll analyze the philosophy behind wasteful advertising and specifically how to get the best results from your investment, by using what I call an “AD-effective” formula. I’ll explain the 4 elements to an add that get results and show you my best performing ad of all time, using these 4 elements. (Yes, you can use it.)

    (Template included.)

  • Video 9.2 :

    Bridal Magazine Ads or Any Ads: How to Make Them More Productive

    Are you getting the results you hoped for from your bridal magazine ads? Finally, you’ll have a formula to get more wedding cake orders out of your ads. We’ll be using the “Ad Evaluator” discussed in video 5.14 to show you how.

    (Template included.)

  • Video 9.3 :

    Net the Best Returns from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

    Discover what’s working to drive more traffic to your business. Further, I’ll keep you updated through free additional video training and through the “Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory newsletter. Be sure to subscribe if you don’t take this course.

  • Video 9.4 :

    Creating Strong Strategic Alliances with Other Wedding Vendors

    If you’re looking for a sure-thing to get on preferred vendors lists, taking this course is the Holy Grail. I’ll discuss how to leverage the knowledge, strategies and tools from this course to land strategic alliances with as many wedding vendors as you wish.

  • Video 9.5 :

    Yes, You Can Dominate Google’s Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Call

    Google’s Pay-per-click and Pay-per-call advertising programs work like stealing candy from a baby, when you know how. We’ll walk through why you should immediately use it to generate a massive number of phone calls.

  • Video 9.6 :

    Attract Even More Brides: Place an Opt-in Box on Your Website

    We’ll go under the hood to see how and why a simple opt-in form on your home page can increase your wedding cake sales by 10%-15%.

  • Video 9.7 :

    Advertising on “The Knot” or “WeddingWire:” Get the Biggest Bank for Your Buck

    I’ll discuss what you need to be doing to get the largest return on investment from these lead-generating websites. There are some simple things you can do, today, to make a monumental difference for generating more leads.

  • Video 9.8 :

    Bringing Home Blockbuster Bridal Show Results

    From experience, I can tell you bridal shows are a disaster if you simply try to wing it without a good plan. When you use a well thought out and proven strategy, they can provide a flood of excellent appointments. I’m going to share the secret-sauce, research has shown me to get 25-40 consultations each show. In fact, the last show, as of this writing, landed me 43 orders. I can’t wait to share it with you.

The Consultation:
  • Video 9.15 :

    New Research Reveals A Must-Have Ingredient to Include in a Millennial’s Consultation

    You’ll find out what it takes to get and hold the attention of your bride and what she needs to hear to solidify you as an expert and the person she should choose.

  • Video 9.16 :

    Amass a Potent Competitive-Edge for Your Sales Area

    You’ll receive insights into the tests we’ve conducted with 2000 brides. This includes what brides have told us about their preconceived expectations for how they expect your wedding cake area to look, including your personal appearance. If you’re thinking about updating your sales area or don’t have one, this information is exactly what you need.

  • Video 9.17 :

    Applying Raw Passion for Psychologically Influencing Your Bride

    Passion in sales has been tested extensively in every imaginable type of business. We’ll review our test results with 200 brides to show you how they affect your wedding cake sales. (I was so surprised by what brides told us and our results, even I revamped our approach.)

  • Video 9.18 :

    5 Critical Pieces of Evidence to Always Present at a Consultation

    While there are many ways to execute a consultation, our research found there are 5 high-powered pieces of evidence to dramatically increase your closing rate and ability to get higher prices. I’ll bring these powerful psychological tools together and lay out the case how and why they win-over brides.

  • Video 9.19 :

    What You Should Say and Definitely Not Say to Brides

    The words or phrases you choose have an enormous impact on your bride’s psyche. This translates into whether she will like you or cause friction in your attempt to get her to choose you. I’ll share words and phrases that work like magic, and ones that will ruin your sale. If anyone besides you sells wedding cakes, they positively need to be trained on this topic.

  • Video 9.20 :

    How to Employ “Scarcity” Effectively

    Of all the psychology tactics we’ve tested for getting brides off the fence, the use of “scarcity” is the best. After 7 years of testing, I’ll reveal the simple technique that works unbelievably well. You can begin using this technique…literally today.

  • Video 9.21 :

    15 Proven Closes Proven to Capture Orders

    We’ll go through 15 ready-to-use closes every baker I coach uses to capture all the orders they can handle. I’ve included an editable prewritten Word document with the exact closes. You can modify them to suit your personality and style.

    (Editable Word document included.)

  • Video 9.22 :

    Assembling a Crystal-Clear Sales Agreement

    I’ve frustratedly used 15 agreements over the last 40 years. Then, 3 years ago, I decided to conduct research with 200 bakers to develop the best possible order form we could come up with, so everything is crystal-clear. It turned out to be a long-tail order form, due to its ability to cover many items a bride might need or want, and plenty of particulars for the bridal cake. The legal mumbo-jumbo covers the most common issues we’ve repeatedly tackled selling 16,000 wedding cakes.

    But, that’s not all. We came to understand, the long-tail order form is a safety-valve to keep us on track for living up to our guarantee and as a prevention tool from making mistakes for items listed on the guarantee.

If she does not order at the initial consultation: Follow-up to the presentation:
  • Video 9.25 :

    Keeping Your Foot in the Door if She Doesn’t Order at Her First Consultation

    When a bride doesn’t order from you at the initial consultation, what then? I’ll discuss tested outcomes using tactics, strategies and tools presented in this course. Then, I’ll explain an action plan to make sure she comes back to order.

Keeping your bride informed of the entire process until she receives her delivery:
  • Video 9.26 :

    Emails to Keep Your Bride Informed After She Places Her Order

    After brides place their orders, do you keep them informed until the day of their receptions? While doing research, brides expressed, bakers were treating them like an insurance person who gets their policy and then you don’t hear from them again. We’ll examine our research findings to see what brides want to stay informed about and how often you should follow-up to appease their “Insecurity Gap.”

After the wedding reception follow-up
  • Video 9.27 :

    Asking the Ideal Evaluation Questions to Track Your Success

    The only way you can truly judge how brides view their experience is to ask them. I’ll provide a list of time-tested questions to ask brides a few weeks after their receptions. You’ll quickly find out if your “Internal Reality” matches your “External Perception” and how to utilize that information to improve serving your brides.

    (Editable Word document included.)

  • Video 9.28 :

    Amassing Referrals from Delighted Brides

    When your bride is delighted with your service and perfect cake(s), take advantage of this opportunity to ask for her for referrals of engaged couples. However, don’t make the mistake of simply asking for their names. I’m going to reveal certain techniques to request referrals that make her feel comfortable and more than willing share.

Wrapping Up:

  • Video 10.1 :

    A Roadmap for Applying All the Strategies, Tactics and Tools Discovered and Cultivated in This Course

    Now that we’ve gone through my historic and proprietary research and all the game-changing marketing and sales tools which were derived from it, we’ll finish with the best sequence to use them for booking more brides and maximizing profits… starting today!

ATTENTION: Please don’t be misinformed.A certain number of bakers believe they’re already using a similar approach to our proprietary ESTC methodology. If you feel the same way, take our simple test…to be sure.

Click here to take the simple test

As you can see, no stone is left unturned and nothing is being held back.

The course is structured in an easy-to-use video format. It is available on-line within a membership site, which is accessible 24/7 to watch at your convenience. Each topic is discussed in the order of the tiers in 3 to 35-minute videos. That way, you’re able to quickly find the subject, tactic, strategy or tool you want to study, review or implement.

When it comes to implementing the concepts, we’ve made it easy by including ready-to-use templates, as well as written PDF transcripts to follow along that will clarify all the concepts contained in many of the videos.

Plus, there are 2 valuable bonuses to prove I’m committed to increasing your sales, profits and success.

First, you’ll receive:

3 one-on-one coaching sessions, personally with me, Ed Otto, for 30 minutes each session to answer questions, help implement the or tools and to provide any other coaching over the next 12 months. This alone is worth $435.

Let me emphasize, this is not group coaching, it’s not from one of my staff…it’s personally with me.

Second, you’ll receive:

The rights to 1 of only 2000 copies. As soon as 2000 copies of the system are scooped-up, the training will be pulled off the market. In total, those 2000 copies represent less than 1% of everyone who sells wedding cakes.

If you decide to take the “Premium Elite Training,” there are 2 more bonuses.

As a third bonus, you’ll receive:

A second additional 12-month subscription to my Insider Advisory, “Advanced Wedding Cake Strategies and Statistics” monthly guide. (Priced separately $397.)

My monthly advanced strategies guide will keep you current with the continuous proprietary research I’m conducting and provide additional cutting-edge ideas using psychology for getting higher prices and helping you sell more wedding cakes now and in the coming years.

I highly recommend getting a FREE first year subscription by going to the bottom of the “Home” page and signing up.

As a fourth bonus:

I’ll personally analyze your current sales and marketing, including, but not limited to, your website, brochures, presentations, sales pitches, direct mail pieces, phone scripts, photos, videos, bridal show strategies and anything else you would like to go over. Then, I’ll recommend which strategies, tactics and tools will help your individual business the most and bring you up to speed the quickest. (Priced separately $897.)

If you’re interested in “Total Domination Training,” call me immediately
(402-968-2758) for a consultation. Together, we will rocket your sales.

You’ll receive as a fifth bonus:

Private mentoring by me, Ed Otto, to support and implement everything to perfection, for one full year. ( You’ll receive 26 thirty-minute sessions every other week.) I’ll personally help you with all the aspects of your marketing and sales. We’ll begin by implementing everything in the course and then fine tune your marketing strategy, plus all the tactics and sales tools. I’ll be there with you from beginning to end until you’re a wedding cake marketing and sales guru.

Let’s look at your investment.

It should be obvious; my training is not for tire-kickers. I want to help cake artists and bakery owners who are as PASSIONATE and SERIOUS about changing their financial lives by increasing their sales, prices and profits.

There are three options. The first choice is the “Standard Elite Training .” The second one is the “Premium Elite Training.” The third one is “Total domination Elite Training.”

If you would like to have your current sales approach and marketing materials analyzed, as well as have me personally choose which marketing and sales tools will help you the most based upon your skill level, I highly advise the “Premium Elite Training.”

Cracking The Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales
Choose the option that best meets your needs or goals…as of today! (New Bakers)
Elite Training:Monthly

(Maintain or Boost Bakers)
Elite Training

(Dominate Bakers)
Total Domination
Elite Training

65 Video Presentations
65 Pdf Detailed Transcripts
65 Audio Presentations (Coming Soon)
Worksheets and Templates
3 one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Ed.
(Priced Separately $435)
You’ll own 1 of only 2000 copies.
(Value-Hundreds of
Thousands in Sales)

An additional 12-month subscription to “Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory”
monthly guide.

(Priced Separately $397)
Ed will analyze your current marketing, then recommend which strategies, tactics and tools will help your business the most and the quickest.
(Priced Separately $897)
Ed will coach you every other week for 1 year.That’s 26 coaching calls to execute and support your total domination.
(Priced Separately $3770)
Only 2000 bakers will ever know the answers 350,000 brides gave us to boost wedding cake profits 50%, prices 20%-30%, and orders up to 300%.

What will you do with the thousands of increased revenue and profits?
$297 per month for

11 months with an initial

investment of $1730

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$4997 One-time

Save $1294

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$497 per month for

11 months with an initial
investment of $2300

Save $2294

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Let’s go over some additional FACTUAL evidence for why my
“ESTC” system is so productive for me and why it will also be for you.

  1. While my system is based on the past 12 years of research, I’m starting my 16th year of understanding why brides choose the bakers/cake artists they buy from. My book “The Ultimate Bride’s Guide For Buying A Wedding Cake” (in its 9th edition) reveals must-have information to help brides make an informed purchasing decision. There are over 150,000 copies in circulation. That’s a strong indication brides are looking for credible information for choosing an awesome baker like you. This course will make sure they do.
  1. Part of my success is attributed to the use of psychological influences by the well-respected and renowned psychologist, Dr. Robert Cialdini. I specifically adapted them for selling wedding cakes. You’ll receive the explanations of what they are and exactly how to use them. In addition, I use the psychological principles of courtship and dating described by several leading psychologists to create the bride’s experience. This is the “secret” that gets brides to “love” you, instead of merely liking you.
  1. My prices average 20% – 30% higher than my competitors. Interestingly, brides are the ones who tell us our prices are higher and yet, they still overwhelmingly place their orders with us. That should tell you something about the validity of the research and how well the ESTC sales tools work.

If you’re still skeptical, here’s my challenge:Take my course, and if you can show me how your existing methods:

  • Obtain more orders
  • Get higher prices
  • Fills your books with fewer consultations… than using the proven techniques to deliver what research says 150,000 brides want, expect and need…

I’ll give ALL your money back, plus, an additional $1,000
for taking up your time.

(Simply show me you’ve implemented the tools and strategies.)

Alright, so there you have it. The most complete “here’s how you do it” proven wedding cake sales and marketing program ever put together, complete with a 100% guarantee to perform at 66% off!

Before we wrap this up, let me pass along one of the most astounding discoveries decoded from the research. This revelation alone is why you should take the 12 years of research very seriously.

83% of brides are hungry for a baker to stand out from the crowd
and give them unique and convincing reasons to choose them.

This statistic is vitally important because it demonstrates 8 out of 10 bakers “mistakenly believe” they’re doing a “good-enough” job of marketing…because brides are currently ordering from them.

That’s the same as a chef who creates a particular menu based upon what he or she prefers cooking, instead of what customers really want to eat. And when you question the chef he says, “Hey we’re doing okay.”

That’s very short-sighted and a wide-open opportunity for an intelligent business person like yourself.

My success can be directly traced to the fact I’ve been nourishing ALL brides, especially the 83% who are hungry for the perfect menu that satisfies their wants and “Preconceived Expectations.”

“If you were a bride…who would you choose?”

If you have any questions, call or text me at 402-968-2758. You can also send me an email:

Please know, I’m fully committed to your success and helping you…avoid the needless struggles.

Thanks for reviewing the bride-preferred “ESTC” sales and marketing system.

Ed Otto



Do you remember when fondant first burst onto the American scene? I do, it was about 12 years ago. The funny thing is, literally every baker who I was conducting research with told me there’s no way

they were going to do fondant wedding cakes.

They said,

  • “Do you realize it takes twice as long to decorate a wedding cake in fondant than buttercream. We don’t have the time to do that, we’re busy.”
  • “Who has the time to learn and practice all the new and ongoing techniques? We’re busy.”
  • “If brides want fondant cakes, they’ll just have to go somewhere else. We’re just too busy. Anyway, brides don’t like the taste of fondant, they’ll never get them.”

Well, here it is 10 years later. Guess what? The bakers who held out until they were forced to do fondant 

 wedding cakes, let untold sales and profits slip through their fingers.

The savvy bakers who saw fondant wedding cakes as a new and lasting trend, realized they better get in the game immediately. And they have been rewarded handsomely.


If there is one immutable law of business, it’s to
give your customers what the trend says they want


Please realize, our proven “ESTC” methodology is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  Get on board early and take advantage of the 4-to-1 head-start.  Don’t wait until your forced to incorporate it into your sales approach. It would be a shame to let untold sales and profits slip through your fingers.

Cracking The Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales
Elite Training

Elite Training

Total Domination
Elite Training

65 Video Presentations
65 Pdf Detailed Transcripts
65 Audio Presentations (Coming soon)
Worksheets and Templates
3 one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Ed.
(Priced Separately $435)
You’ll own 1 of only 2000 copies.
(Value-Hundreds of
Thousands in Sales)

An additional 12-month subscription to “Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory”
monthly guide.

(Priced Separately $397)
Ed will analyze your current marketing, then recommend which strategies, tactics and tools will help your business the most and the quickest.
(Priced Separately $897)
Ed will coach you every other week for 1 year.That’s 26 coaching calls to execute and support your total domination.
(Priced Separately $3770)
Only 2000 bakers will ever know the answers 350,000 brides gave us to boost wedding cake profits 50%, prices 20%-30%, and orders up to 300%.

What will you do with the thousands of increased revenue and profits?
$297 per month for

11 months with an initial

investment of $1730

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$4997 One-time

Save $1294

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$497 per month for

11 months with an initial
investment of $2300

Save $2294

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