Be an Author of Your Own Wedding Cake Book

See yourself as a bride undecided between choosing you and another skilled cake artist.

Both of you have excellent decorating skills. Both of you have cakes that taste divine. Both of you have similar pricing.

As a bride, how do you decide?

“Brides who are asked how they choose a wedding cake baker, when all things seem equal in terms of artistic ability, taste and price, the highest ranking answer is... the issue of ‘Trust.’”,

Since trust, credibility and honesty are at the core of most consumers’ decision-making process, including brides, I’m going to personally address authoring your own book. There’s nothing better to demonstrate trust than being an “Authority” or “Expert.”

Our research proves, the more you can convince a bride you’re trustworthy, the more likely she’ll order from you. Plus, it helps your ability to charge premium prices.

Brides feel more confident choosing my cake boutique “The Cake Gallery,” in Omaha, because we use a strict set of industry-leading standards to serve them.

The more you convince a bride you’re trustworthy, the more likely you’ll win her order.

Brides are able to read about these standards in “The Ultimate Bride’s Guide for Buying A Wedding Cake” and then judge all bakers they visit against these standards.

In the eyes of the bride, being the author of a book that helps them choose any baker, not just The Cake Gallery, makes me instantly trustworthy and credible.

Brides think to themselves, “if I can’t trust Ed and The Cake Gallery to provide me with a great experience while doing the best overall job…who can I trust?”

Answer this simple question, “Would you rather work with someone that seems to be good or even great…or would you rather hire an authority or expert?

When you become an author of a wedding cake book, you are immediately seen as an “authority” or “expert” in the field of wedding cakes.

Let’s explore the reason behind this remarkable phenomenon. As adults, we are extensions of our childhoods. As children and young adults, we were conditioned to believe what we read in a book to be accurate and true.

Take yourself as an example, between grades 1 through12, you read and were tested on hundreds of books your teachers gave you as required reading.

At the time, you simply assumed the authors were authorities. It didn’t even occur to you whether the books were factually true, you just accepted it.

As an author, you’re clearly seen as an expert. It is the ultimate tie-breaker for getting brides to choose you.

So, as adults, we are predisposed to believe the authors (experts) who write non-fiction books are factually accurate and definitely know their stuff.

Now I’ll agree, there’s been a societal shift toward the Internet for doing research and finding information that is useful.

However, a mentally balanced person also recognizes that you can’t trust a lot of what you read on the Internet.

For the foreseeable future, a book still holds more weight in the minds of all age groups than what’s found on the web in the form of a blogpost or article.

In my case, I spent 6 years doing research before I put a book together reporting my findings.

Do you think a bride sees an article on a bridal website that took a day to write as equal in terms of credibility compared to 6 years of research with 10’s of thousands of brides?

It’s hard for their brain to deny who is the authority, as well as being more believable and trustworthy.

And that’s why YOU need to take advantage of this powerful sales tool.

To confirm the psychological influences, let’s review which of the 11 psychological principles from the “Sales Psychology” (contained within the “Foundational Building Blocks” presentations) lecture are applied.

  1. The contrast principle: You are contrasting yourself against your competition.
  2. The Reciprocation principle: Yes. You are giving your brides a $14.95 book for free, so your brides have a tendency to reciprocate.
  3. The Liking principle: The fact you are giving them a book for free and helping them understand what they should look for when choosing a baker makes you likeable.
  4. The Consistency principle: The book is the cornerstone of your consistency. The book lays out best practices and standards by which you operate your cake business. This allows you to be seen as very consistent with how you treat brides.
  5. The Commitment principle: When a bride feels reassured by the your overall demeanor and business, she begins the process of becoming committed to hire you. The book provides the proof that you are committed to serving her, not just helping her.
  6. The rule of social proof: The fact that 150,000 brides have taken the time to offer advice and their opinions proves the validity that the social aspect of the research was, and is still, at the heart of the answers in the book for every bride to use.
  7. The Authority principle: The entire book is about your authority and expertise.
  8. The Scarcity principle: Since, you will probably be the only one in your market area to provide a book to judge all bakers, it is viewed as a scarce and valuable item.
  9. The Curiosity principle: Brides are very curious to see what information they can use from the book to choose a baker, understand the ordering process and how they can save money.
  10. The Principle of fear: The book helps the bride overcome the fear of choosing the wrong baker and at the same time overcomes the fear of choosing you.
  11. The Human Connection principle: Just like the principle of social proof, the book was put together with a community of brides, bakers and venue owners etc. That is a very diverse combination of backgrounds and opinions to form a strong human connection.

 As you can see, there is no other sales tool that encompasses ALL 11 psychological persuasion principles.

There’s one more that puts a smile on your face every time; the celebrity status that goes with authoring a book. And people love working with celebrities.  Some brides actually feel “star-struck,” because they are working directly with the author of their book.

I can’t tell you how many brides have wanted me to sign their book as if it was a New York Times best seller. Admittedly, it can and does make your head swell. Let me tell you, nothing picks you up more than receiving a warm hug from a bride who says, “It was a real pleasure to meet you.”

 Okay, now let’s get real!

If you don’t want to spend 6 years doing research and writing your own book, I completely understand. I imagine you have your hands full running your business and trying to squeeze-out a little time with your kids and family.

As I stated in Ed’s Story,” I want to serve you…so you can avoid the needless struggles.

Together, we here’s what we can do:

First, I invite you to use my program called: BUILDING TRUSTIt’s an easy way for you to demonstrate you’re trustworthy, credible and honest. Simply give every bride that books a consultation with you a digital copy of “The Ultimate Bride’s Guide For Buying A Wedding Cake” to use as your independent 3rd party validation.

Whether you give away 10 or 10,000 copies throughout the year, the investment is $497. Each year you’ll have the opportunity to renew and receive a revised edition with the most current statistics and cutting- edge advice for your brides.

If you prefer presenting the high-quality 8.5 x 11 paperback (as seen at the top of the page) to prospective brides, you can purchase them for just 10% over cost. While the book sells for $14.95 on Amazon, your price is currently $6.29 a copy, plus a flat rate of $11 for shipping for every 14 copies.

I recommend giving away the full paperback version to every bride who’s budgeting $500 or more for her wedding cake.

“BUILDING TRUST”    Normally:  $597For a limited time:  $497
14 Paperback copies:   $88 (Plus $11 flat-rate shipping)

Second, if you prefer to elevate your expert status with brides, take advantage of my program called: “EXPERT AUTHORITY”

We’ll add your name to my digital book as a co-author. As a co-author, we’ll work together and make up to 25 changes to the interior pages, as long as it doesn’t alter the integrity of the book.

The result is, you now have a bride’s guide for buying a wedding cake, that has your name on the cover and has interior pages that makes the book uniquely yours.

(You are welcome to exceed 25 changes. When you do, there are additional revision fees which are charged by a professional copywriter. The fees shall be determined after reviewing the desired changes.)

As in the first service, you’ll also be able to give away an unlimited amount of digital copies over the course of 12 months.

You also have the ability to have your book printed in paperback. Ask me for details.


Third, If you always wanted to author your own wedding cake book, I can help you from beginning to end. My author program is appropriately titled,MAXIMUM IMPACTFor this program, we’ll take “The Ultimate Brides Guide To Buying A Wedding Cake” change the title to one of your liking, change the cover, and edit the inside pages to suit your needs.

I’ll personally be involved helping you choose an original cover, in rewriting interior pages and the entire revision and publication process.

It will truly be your own unique wedding cake advice book.

You’ll receive files to use on-line as a PDF booklet, files ready to give to a publisher for paperback printing and files for selling your book on Amazon.

This is a very limited program available to only 100 wedding cake bakers across the country on a first-come first-serve basis.

Your up-front investment is $899, then $199 per month for one year, plus fees associated with copywriting, cover development, images, photography, editing, proofing, and all technical considerations associated with printing your book.

Please call me direct 402-968-2758 to discuss whether “MAXIMUM IMPACT” is your best choice.