Bundled Marketing Training Videos

The following training presentations are bundled together from the course, “Cracking The Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales.”They give you the opportunity to achieve one sales or marketing goal at a time.

As a first step, it is highly suggested you begin by getting Bundle 1: Foundational Building Blocks. The 8 lectures provide the knowledge to understand “WHY” and “HOW” you’ll increase your wedding cake sales from all the tiers of strategies, tactics and tools.

Then, choose one or more other bundles.

Each bundle includes training presentations, pdfs of the presentations (if it’s a sales tool, you’ll receive a Word modifiable document), and an optional consultation with Ed.

When you include a consultation, it will consist of making sure you understand every facet of the training contents, understanding the psychology behind why the sales or marketing tool is effective, and to answer your questions.

In place of separate bundles, consider the complete system for a low monthly $97 investment for 10 months after an initial installment of $697.

As a bonus, you’ll receive 3 priceless one-on-one consultations for FREE.

Cracking The Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales
Elite Training

Elite Training

Total Domination
Elite Training

65 Video Presentations
65 Pdf Detailed Transcripts
65 Audio Presentations (Coming soon)
Worksheets and Templates
3 one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Ed.
(Priced Separately $435)
You’ll own 1 of only 2000 copies.
(Value-Hundreds of
Thousands in Sales)

An additional 12-month subscription to “Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory”
monthly guide.

(Priced Separately $397)
Ed will analyze your current marketing, then recommend which strategies, tactics and tools will help your business the most and the quickest.
(Priced Separately $897)
Ed will coach you every other week for 1 year.That’s 26 coaching calls to execute and support your total domination.
(Priced Separately $3770)
Only 2000 bakers will ever know the answers 350,000 brides gave us to boost wedding cake profits 50%, prices 20%-30%, and orders up to 300%.

What will you do with the thousands of increased revenue and profits?
$297 per month for

11 months with an initial

investment of $1730

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$4997 One-time

Save $1294

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$497 per month for

11 months with an initial
investment of $2300

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