Individual Marketing Training Videos

The following presentations are the most requested individual marketing lectures we offer from the “Cracking The Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales” course.

Each lecture includes the video presentation, a pdf of the presentation and an optional consultation with Ed.

When you choose a consultation, your consultation will consist of making sure you understand every facet of the training contents, how to use it effectively, understanding the psychology behind why the concept and to answer your questions. You’re welcome to schedule a consultation anytime 8am to 9pm Mon-Thurs.

Before you pick an individual presentation, it is highly suggested you begin by first wrapping your mind around WHY everything you’ll learn in the individual lectures are extremely effective. Please select the foundational building-block presentations first.

  • Video 2.1: Cashing in on Classified Competitive Intelligence

    While the course provides dominant knowledge and tools to outmuscle your competition, it makes good business sense to know what your competitors are up to. You’ll receive my private template full of pointed questions to discover which competitors don’t come close to your superiority. And, it helps you know which competitors might be closing in on you. When you couple your competitive intelligence with the innovations and breakthroughs in my newsletter, we’ll keep you on top. (A ready-to-use editable Word version of the template is included.)

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  • Video 3.8: Making Your Website a Mesmerizing Bride-Magnet

    I’ll be sharing the 14 primo ingredients which attracts and then converts shopping brides into buying brides. This is “the” exact proprietary and proven website model which has taken me from 6 to 18 wedding cakes (most of them at higher prices) per week. The original concept was drawn-up by a mastermind group of 9 multimillion-dollar Internet marketing geniuses. This model has never been revealed before now. Take advantage of it while you can.

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  • Video 4.6: The Picasso Syndrome How it Impacts You Through the Lens of the Mind

    The “Picasso Syndrome” is a reality check of your skill level. Using Picasso as an example, we’ll paint a philosophical discussion about how a bride can view your cake as a masterpiece or a child’s art project. It’s imperative to understand how a bride mentally judges your skill level against what you believe it is.

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  • Video 9.5: Yes, You Can Dominate Google’s Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Call

    Google’s Pay-per-click and Pay-per-call advertising programs work like stealing candy from a baby, when you know how. We’ll walk through why you should immediately use it to generate a massive number of phone calls.

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  • Video 9.8: Bringing Home Blockbuster Bridal Show Results

    From experience, I can tell you bridal shows are a disaster if you simply try to wing it without a good plan. When you use a well thought out and proven strategy, they can provide a flood of excellent appointments. I’m going to share the secret-sauce, research has shown me to get 25-40 consultations each show. In fact, the last show, as of this writing, landed me 43 orders. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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  • Video 9.16: Amass a Potent Competitive-Edge for Your Sales Area

    You’ll receive insights into the tests we’ve conducted with 2000 brides. This includes what brides have told us about their preconceived expectations for how they expect your wedding cake area to look, including your personal appearance. If you’re thinking about updating your sales area or don’t have one, this information is exactly what you need.

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  • Video 9.25: Keeping Your Foot in the Door if She Doesn’t Order at Her First Consultation

    When a bride doesn’t order from you at the initial consultation, what then? I’ll discuss tested outcomes using tactics, strategies and tools presented in this course. Then, I’ll explain an action plan to make sure she comes back to order.

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  • Video 9.28: Amassing Referrals from Delighted Bride

    When your bride is delighted with your service and perfect cake(s), take advantage of this opportunity to ask for her for referrals of engaged couples. However, don’t make the mistake of simply asking for their names. I’m going to reveal certain techniques to request referrals that make her feel comfortable and more than willing share.

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