Ed Otto is a cake boutique owner, author, coach, consultant and motivational/business speaker.

Ed is known for his fusion of real-life stories derived from his research with brides and bakery clients that connect with his audience at an intimate, and intense level.

Ed does more than “cheerleading” a meeting. He makes his audiences believe they can do back flips and build pyramids by empowering them with the skills and cutting edge strategies needed to flourish in today’s cake, cupcake and bakery businesses.

Presentations Include:

Grasping the power of psychology to sell MORE.

– Discover 11 proven psychological principles that catapult sales
– Getting ALL your brides to say yes
– Using contrast to differentiate yourself from your competition
– Trust through transparency is your #1 closing tool

The Secret Code For Dominating The Wedding Cake Marketplace.

– Discover the greatest breakthrough in 60 years: The ESTC method for selling wedding
– Learn the latest cutting edge marketing and sales tools that convinces brides choose
– A “Core” belief all highly profitable and successful wedding cake bakers possess
– Using “Preconceived Expectations” to out-wit and out-perform your competitors

The Thermostat Principle: An assessment for hiring top bakery performers.

– How to hire employees who produce top results
– Creating a break-through high performance team
– Coaching:  Gold medal training for outstanding results
– Leadership: Earning higher profits from your team

150,000 Brides Can’t Be Wrong: What They Can Teach Us As Marketers!

– Discover Ed’s treasure chest of research that will change the way you sell cakes
– The two faces of your business: You see one side, your customers see the other
– Creating the world’s greatest internal reality
– The Picasso syndrome: How do you rate your skill level

Or, Ed will create a key-note speech, seminar or workshop specifically for your cake boutique, bakery, grocery store chain or company.

Fees range $3500 – $5500.

Please enter your name and email address or call 402-968-2758 to discuss your options and Ed’s availability.