3-Day Workshop Experience

The popular 3-day workshop experience consists of between 6 to 12 bakers.

This intimate and intense training has you rolling up your sleeves and working side-by-side with Ed.

We begin by reviewing the on-line training presentations for “Cracking the Secret Code That Unlocks Your Wedding Cake Sales.”

After receiving the in-class instruction, we’ll implement all the strategies, tactics and tools from the course into your business.

Here are a few examples:

  • Together, we’ll personalize a written guarantee ready to turn undecided brides into buyers. While your competitors are scared-to-death to use one, you’ll be happy to provide one.
  • Together, we’ll develop and complete a sales tool titled “33 Bakery Buster Questions.” Its job is to separate you from your competitors by casting a glowing light on you and your business. By the way, brides love it.
  • You’ll leave with a sales tool called “The Bride First Dialogue.” Instead of sounding like every other baker a bride calls, we’ll build a phone script, just for you that will amaze her. Remember, a bride’s first phone call to you is a major chance to impress and influence her. It’s the perfect chance to set the tone for her overall experience you’re going to give her.

The 3-day workshop experience is perfect for bakers who would like to receive the hands-on guidance and attention you don’t receive by only taking the on-line course.

Here are the top 10 experiences bakers valued the most
while attending Ed’s 3-day workshop.

  • They learned how to utilize the leading and cutting-edge “Educate, Serve, Taste and Convince” methodology to its fullest extent.
  • They developed and personalized their sales and marketing tools for immediate use in only 3 days.
  • They gained the skills to increase their wedding cake sales by at least 50% and possibly up
    to 300%.
  • They left with an enhanced understanding for providing brides with an experience that exceeds their competitor’s.
  • They felt more informed by getting a better grip on using the 11 psychological principles for convincing brides to choose them.
  • They obtained the knowledge for commanding up to 30% higher prices.
  • They could ask and receive answers to as many marketing, sales or general business questions they had on their mind. For them, that was worth the price of admission.
  • They were able to have Ed evaluate websites and other marketing materials.
  • They acquired a thorough understanding for what it means to “Serve” brides instead of only “Helping” them.
  • The limited number of bakers formed a friendly and helpful forum for discussing their issues and challenges with like-minded bakers.

For 2019, workshops are being held Monday – Wednesday during the second week of January, February, March, April, July, October, and November.

Please be aware, the 3-Day workshop is sold on a first-come first-served basis. Also, the dates are subject to change.

Please call 402-968-2758 for availability.